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  • Michelin 742 (Red) Morocco £4.99
    ISBN 2-06-100042-8
    This Map will serve adequately for all your needs. It is at 1/1 000 000 scale. An alternative is:
  • Rough Guide Morocco Map £4.99
    ISBN 1-84353-215-8
    Datum not quite as good as Michelin (it is the same scale) but has the advantage of being a rip proof plastic map – more resilient to abuse!

  • Specialist Larger scale Maps are difficult to obtain as the Moroccan government doesn’t like people having access to very detailed information. If you want to see what’s available currently contact http://www.themapshop.co.uk/ in Upton-on-Severn. I have 1/250 000 scale maps for some areas we will be travelling supplied by them. They will also laminate with a flexible waterproof finish which allows writing on with chinagraph pencil or felt-tips which can be cleaned off later.


  • Rough Guide to Morocco £13.99 ISBN 1-84353-313-8

  • Footprint Handbooks: Marrakech and the High Atlas Handbook: The Travel Guide £10.99 ISBN 1-90347-112-5

  • SAHARA Overland, a route & planning guide by Chris Scott. £19.99
    ISBN 1-873756-76-3
    The Sahara travellers bible, covering choice of vehicle, equipment and routes whether you intend cycling, motorcycling, driving or running (yes – as in Sahara Marathon!) Chris Scott has done it all.

  • Vehicle-dependent EXPEDITION Guide by Tom Sheppard
    ISBN 0-9532324-0-9
    Sadly currently out of print. Lobby your local Land Rover Dealer to get the Company to reprint. One of the most fastidiously and meticulously researched books I have read. Learn about everything from sulphur in fuel to wicking rates of synthetic fibres in desert conditions. Search the secondhand bookshops and the internet. My autographed copy is not for sale!

  • Off Roader driving by Tom Sheppard £25
    ISBN 0-9532324-2-5
    Not only applicable to Land Rovers, this book covers choice of vehicle as well as every driving technique you could want – all from the man who crossed the Mauritanian empty quarter on his own in a V8 Range Rover in the days when navigation meant sun compass and sextant not GPS.

  • Royal Geographical Society EXPEDITION HANDBOOK Ed Shane Winser £19.99
    ISBN 1-86197-044-7
    Published by the Expedition Advisory Centre of the RGS, this book covers everything from planning and Risk Assessment to fundraising & vehicle choice.


  • LORDS OF THE HIGH ATLAS Morocco:The rise and Fall of the House of Glaoua by Gavin Maxwell. £25
    ISBN 0-304-35419-8
    Well known author brings his involving writing style to tell a remarkable story of Morocco’s last 150 years.

  • SAHARA The life of the great desert by Marq de Villiers & Sheila Hirtle £16.99
    ISBN 0-00-714820-8
    This book brings together geography, geology, history with the personal experiences gained by years of criss-crossing the Sahara.