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The scenery is varied and often spectacular. The day by day itinerary is deliberately planned so there will be time to stop for photographs just like the 3 below taken during our Morocco 2006 tour.





If you are using film I recommend purchasing all that you need in the UK. Slide & Print film is available but storage conditions in the shops may not have been ideal. Also remember to bring adequate supplies of batteries – particularly the little button cells used by the metering systems of many film cameras. Likewise for video bring plenty of tapes with you and make sure you have a second battery for your video camera and a car charger lead for it. It is possible to buy a voltage inverter to allow you to power low current demand mains equipment from your vehicle’s 12 volt supply. Unless you have a second battery in the vehicle it is best to run an inverter while you are driving rather than while stationary in case you find your battery is flat in the morning.

Southern Morocco with Anti-Atlas mountains in the background. Matthew’s 110 a 300,000mile veteran ©Dick Morgan

If you have gone Digital as I mostly have then remember to bring plenty of memory cards and a second camera battery with charger (and car 12V lead if available). Memory prices have plummeted so don’t short change yourself. If you don’t want to bring a laptop to download onto then you can buy battery powered hard drive units that you plug your memory card into to store images so you free your card again. They start at about £100 – see Jobo Giga One (40Gb) at www.warehouseexpress.com more expensive ones include a high resolution display screen for viewing and greater storage capacity Epson P-4000 (80Gb, 3.8” LCD, £479).

Remember delicate instruments and dust and vibration don’t go together well. I use high quality camera bags from LowePro with waterproof (and dustproof) rigid cases from Peli. As well as suitcase sized ones they now do small rigid but still waterproof cases in various sizes to suit compact camera. See Warehouseexpress.com as above. The best camera is the one you are familiar with using – that way you won’t miss the shots. I don’t recommend buying a new camera just before the trip.

I love the country for its photographic variety: you can be standing in snow in the morning in the High Atlas and sleeping under the stars in the Sahara the same night!