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10th Anniversary Trip 2006



  • 15/5/06
    Leave UK. SpeedFerries (www.speedferries.com) 1040hrs from Eastern Docks Dover to Boulogne arriving 1230hrs. Standard Vehicle upto 1.85m height and upto 5 passengers £69 return all in. Vehicles higher than 1.85m but less than 2.9m or longer than 5m including upto 9 passengers £121. Drive South to near Clermont Ferrand for night stop. Possibly Hostellerie Saint-Martin, Perignat-Les-Sarlieve, £102  2 adults B&B in Twin Room. It is just off the A75/E11 motorway we will be travelling on.  The distance from Boulogne is about 658Km and driving time excluding breaks is about 6hrs 30min.
  • 16/5/06 – Drive Ferry Terminal at Sete, West of Marseille, by Latest book in 1600hrs for Departure at 1900hrs on Ferry “Marrakech for the 36 hr voyage to Tangiers, Morocco. Customs formalities & paperwork are sorted out on the ship so on arrival in Tangiers we should be able to get on the road promptly. Ferry company is Comanav (http://www.comanav.com )  Vehicle under 2.01m, 2 adults in Grade “A” cabin including meals but not drinks Euro 874.00. (£600)  Vehicle 2.01 to 2.5m high adds Euro 175.00 to above price. NB this is Return Included.
  • 17/5/06 – on board ship
  • 18/5/06 – Land at Tangiers. Full day driving to Marrakech arriving in the evening.
  • 19/5/06 – Morning briefing on planned itinery and an opportunity to check vehicles over. Afternoon free to explore the Souk & Djmaa el Fna. Evening meal at Yacout’s a renowned restaurant in the old Medina popular with the present King when he was the crown Prince.
  • 20/5/06 – Leave Marrakech heading South over the high Atlas via the Tizi-n-Test pass (or off road alternate route) to Aoulouz to stay in a restored Berber house complete with stream running through the middle of the enclosed courtyard.
  • 21/5/06 – Start the day with a visit to the Saffron centre to see how and where this most expensive of spices is harvested, and how to tell the real from the fake in the markets! Then on South West to a wild camp in the mountains near Akka Ihren.
  • 22/5/06 – Continue off road to the South-West to hotel accommodation at Assa.
  • 23/5/06 – Now heading seriously off road South West towards Laayoune in Western Sahara. Wild Camp before Mousseid.
  • 24/5/06 – Off Road all day. Visit some rock carvings en route. 2nd night wild camp short of Smara.
  • 25/5/06 – Dune driving in morning before arriving at Laayoune late afternoon. Accommodation at Laayoune Plage on the Atlantic coast.
  • 26/5/06 – Quiet day. Meet Carlos & Teresa and present them with the children’s clothes. Relax on beach +/- visit souk in Laa’Youn. Time to check vehicles. 2nd night at Laayoune Plage.
  • 27/5/06 – Long hard days drive on tarmac up the main coast road to Agadir, but turning off to the East to stay in Taroudannt a medieval walled city.
  • 28/5/06 – Drive to Imi-n-Tanoute to experience a ‘Day in the life of a Berber’ in a little village nearby which is the home of Mahommed one of  High Country’s Moroccan staff. His Aunt’s house is the centre of activities. We will be taught how to prepare (Yes it is a hands on day!) a Berber meal and see round the village before eating the produce of our hard work. At the end of the afternoon we drive on to the Centre at Amizmiz.
  • 29/5/06 – Fairly quiet day. Present Computer to the local school. Opportunity to wonder round the village and its market & shops. 2nd night at Centre in Amizmiz.
  • 30/5/06 – Short drive up to Marrakech. Further opportunities for shopping! Culminating in watching the sun go down & evening meal on a terrace overlooking the Djmaa el Fna – the heart of Marrakech.
  • 31/5/06 – Fairly hard drive up to Larache in the North of the country just short of Tangiers to ensure a stress free journey to the ferry the following day.
  • 1/6/06 – Drive to Tangiers & board ferry for Sete. Must Arrive at Tangiers latest 1500hrs for departure at 1800hrs.
  • 2/6/06 – On board ship. Time to reflect on the Moroccan experience.
  • 3/6/06 – Arrive at Sete in morning depart for drive North. 705km about 7 hrs driving to Melun just South of Paris to Hotel Kyriad Melun Rubelles.  Twin Room B&B £56.10.
  • 4/6/06 – Drive 301Km about 3 hours to Boulogne to catch return ferry at 1655hrs (French Time) to Dover. Arrive 1645hrs (UK time). On back Home to face Work on Monday!