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Guide Prices in Red – Final ferry & hotel costs may vary depending on vehicle size and luxury and facilities you require in your hotel etc. - confirm with Dovehouse Travel (www.dovehousetravel.co.uk) at time of Booking.


  • BOOKING FEE (See booking form at end of document) Since the number of places are limited a non refundable booking fee of £100 is required to secure your place.
  • Morocco component, arranged by Matthew Low and High Country, will cost £850 per person and includes all accommodation and evening meals but not alcoholic drinks. Guests will be expected to provide their own lunchtime snacks and any personal drinks during the day. We will visit the big Marjane supermarket in Marrakech to enable people to stock up supplies before heading south. The balance of this fee £750 will be payable to Dovehouse Travel along with your Hotel & Ferry costs. This component is then passed on directly to High Country to make the hotel and restaurant reservations in Morocco
  • Fuel – Paid individually by each vehicle. Mileage in Morocco will be approximately 3000km. Assume Diesel at 25mpg at a Moroccan cost of £0.50/litre = £170 per vehicle. Total French mileage Return is 2000km, again assume diesel and French fuel at £0.77/litre at 25mpg = £173 per vehicle
  • French AutoRoute Tolls – Paid individually by each vehicle. Current estimate is £50 each way = £100 per vehicle.
  • Personal Drinks and lunch snacks in Morocco; unless you sip Bollinger en route (definitely not for the driver!) total cost should not exceed £50 per person for all the Moroccan section of the trip.
  • Vehicle Insurance – This is the responsibility of the owner/driver. Standard Green Card from your normal Insurer. Make sure you tell them you are going to Morocco.
  • Personal Holiday & Medical Insurance – Individuals are responsible for arranging their own. Make sure cover includes Air Ambulance repatriation costs if the worst happens.
  • Vehicle Spares kit – Seek the advice of whoever services your vehicle and ask if they will supply spares on a use or return basis for a small fee.

Remember Full major service 4-6 weeks before trip to allow shake down of any new components. We will stay together as a group – but vehicle breakdown may compromise the group’s itinery. If in doubt REPLACE!


Matt Low gets Drive-in cash, Marrakech ©Dick Morgan


Total Cost Estimate for 2 people sharing Diesel vehicle

2 x £ 850 Moroccan Fee £1700
2x £50 Drinks & snacks in Morocco £ 100
Channel Crossing £ 69
Sete to Tangiers 2 sharing Class A cabin including food £ 600
French Autoroute tolls £ 100
Moroccan Fuel £ 170
French Fuel £ 173
2x French overnight 2 sharing room (£102 + £57) £ 159
TOTAL £3071
Per Person £1,535