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Medical Services


Dr Dick Morgan examines Paul Clarke, Atlas Mountains, 1996 ©Dick Morgan

Advance Planning & Preparation

With all the preparation that goes into organizing outdoor activities - especially where this involves travelling abroad, it is easy to leave the Medical planning to an after thought just before departure. Customers expectations are rising, and destinations becoming more exotic. When accidents or illnesses happen in remote areas access to appropriate medical services can be difficult.

Advance planning to ensure the best possible provision of care in such an event minimises the risks:

  • Country specific Vaccination and Immunization advice
  • Screening of Individual's Medical History & Medication enables provisions to be targetted according to need.
  • Administration of Vaccines (we are an approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre)
  • Full Medical Examination, where necessary, to determine fitness for more arduous activities
  • Supply of Prescription only Medicines & Medical Equipment
  • Advice on Avoidance of Disease Risk in Third World settings for the novice traveller.

Medical Officer Escort

  • We can provide an experienced Medical Officer to accompany your expedition or activity. We are able to operate worldwide except for North America. This is because the unlimited Medical Indemnity cover we carry is underwritten in the UK, and does not include Canada or the USA. The accompanying Medical Officer is able to provide 24 hour emergency cover for the duration of the trip. He (or she!) will be happy to act as part of the organizer's team and assist in non-medical activities if appropriate.