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I have been fortunate to be involved in many memorable expeditions and events. These are some of them. We are always happy in conjunction with Matt Low and Kris Palmer of High Country to plan and arrange UK to UK Off road adventures - Please get in touch!

April 1996 Land Rover Invitations Press launch trip to Atlas Mountains and the Sahara (Morocco). Featured in Car Magazine June 1996.

September 1996 Land Rover Invitations Camel Trophy training weekend at Eastnor Castle, UK

October 1996 Land Rover Invitations 1st customer Atlas Mountain trip (Morocco)

October 1996 Land Rover Invitations 2nd customer Atlas Mountain trip (Morocco)

December 1996 Land Rover Invitations expedition retracing Sir Wilfred Thesiger's route through the 'Empty Quarter' in Oman with veteran ITN newsman Sandy Gall. Featured in Land Rover Owner International Magazine June 1997.



Thumbnail_DiscoPisteVillage Thumbnail_SandyUmbrella Thumbnail_DJLaRoserieRoom
Kris Palmer driving his Discovery on piste in Southern Morocco
Sandy Gall telephones home from the Empty Quarter in Oman.
Dick & Julie Morgan relax in room at La Roserie Hotel, Ouirgaine, Morocco


February 1999 High Country Atlas Mountain Outward Bound Activity week with Matthew Low. Climbing, Abseiling and Kayaking amidst the spectacular scenery of the Atlas Mountains.

April 1999 Mercedes Benz (UK) Directors Sales conference and Atlas Mountain Off Road Activites in new M class Mercedes Vehicles.

February 2000 High Country Atlas Mountain Outward Bound Activity week with Matthew Low.

June 2000 Impala Adventures Off Road Welsh week, run by Neil Hopkinson for Dutch enthusiasts. Lots of rain and mud making the river crossings spectacular!

February 2001 'In the Footsteps of the Camel Caravans'. Reconnoitre trip in southern Morocco for National Geographic film crew. Following Morocco's annexation of Western Sahara in 1975 Algeria shut its borders denying access from Morocco to Tamenrasset and the other big trans-saharan oases. Overnight the big camel caravan trade died out. A centuries old way of life has died out.

June 2001 Mad Dogs of Marrakech. In conjunction with The Admirable Crichton & Business Pursuits a weekend of high living and high jinks 'chasing the lost ark' in mountain, desert and souk to celebrate a very special 40th birthday party.

March 2002 'Jebel Sahro Expedition'. High Country arranged exploration to find the site of the Battle of Bou Gaffa in the Jebel Sahro region of the High Atlas, where in February 1933 1,400 Ait Atta Tribesmen held off a vastly superior French force for 5 weeks till their ammunition ran out.

February 2003 High Country Further exploration Southern Morocco - Tata and beyond, continuing the exploration of the old Camel Caravan Routes begun in 2001. Generous Berber Hospitality again a wonderful feature of desert travel & life. Discovered an oasis village hidden in Anti-Atlas mountains not mentioned on the Maps. Kayaking on the Barrage de Lalla-Takerkoust & the Nfiss river in the High Atlas foothills south of Marrakech. I spent "a day in the life of a Berber" being introduced to village life by Mohammed (on of High Country's Moroccan Guides) in his home village of Bou-Laouane near Imi-n-Tanoute where Matthew & Gail Low lived for 2 years. Mohammed's Grandmother, who I met, has never travelled more than 10Km from the village and never been to Marrakech 60Km away.

March 2005 High Country Following Nomad's trails we explored down into Morocco's Western Sahara region finishing up in the Town of Laayoune virtually on the Atlantic coast. Spectacular rain storms, the first in the region for 10 years, made for dramatic photographs of swollen River crossings in normally dry wadis and one 0430 hrs emergency striking of camp to avoid being washed away. This trip pioneered the route to be used on the 2006 10th Anniversary Expedition.

Thumbnail_TantTanGroupemail Thumbnail_MorningBriefing Thumbnail_ElizBinDisco
Tan Tan "Gateway to the Sahara", Group shot returning from W.Sahara.
Breakfast briefing in Western Sahara en-route to Layyoune
Elizabeth Baillie enjoying driving Disco on piste in W.Sahara.

March 2006 Morocco 10th Anniversary trip is covered in more detail in the main page

September 2007 Drive out to provide Medical Cover for an event staged by Delaisse Conway & High Country outside Marrakech, followed by 2 exploratory off road trips in different parts of the Atlas mountains. My article on the trip was published in the May 2008 4x4 Magazine. A PDF file of the article is available via a link at the bottom of the Home page. This was also the first expedition with my new Nissan Patrol which replaced my 1992 160,000 mile Tdi Range Rover.

June 2009 Off-Roading in France

April 2010 - in association with Global Journeys expedition to Morocco with group training as expedition leaders. visiting Tangiers, Casablanca, Marrakech, Amizmiz, Fez and Chefchouen.

October 2010 Expedition with Chris Batiste to visit Matt & Gail Low in the High Atlas mountain village of Imlil, the hiking and guiding centre for Morocco's highest peak Jebel Toubkal

January 2011 Trip to Marrakech from Southern France to return Gail Low's 3 door Range Rover from France to Marrakech. This was my first experience of the Ferry from Sete in France to the new Tanger Med port 30Km East of Tangiers. The experience was very positive. The crossing is overnight and thecabin tickets include full board meals. The new port was hassle free being in the middle of nowhere there were no touts and market vendors. We were through and on the new motorway heading Southwest within 30 minutes of docking! Just as good as Dover.

June 2011 Overland expedition to Ankara, Turkey. Outward through France and Italy - Ferry from Ancona to Igoumenitsa in Greece. East to Istanbul thence into Asian Turkey to Ankara. Return trip overland through Eastern Europe.