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EXPEDITION & VEHICLE EQUIPMENT - Reviews and Recommendations


Dr Dick Morgan's expedition prepared Nissan Patrol, in desert south of Marrakech, Morocco September 2007

Vehicle and Equipment choice is very personal; the opinions expressed in the following reviews are my own born out of my experiences in the field and listening to advice of many friends more technically qualified than me.

Having been brought up in the Sudan, and taught to drive in the desert by my father long before I could legally hold a licence, I accompanied him "on Trek" touring remote medical outposts where interesting and/or difficult medical cases were saved up by the District Medical Officers for him as Professor of Medicine at Khartoum University to see and offer advice. In addition to series Long wheelbase Land-Rovers the Medical School also had a railway carriage with operating theatre, kitchen, lounge, dining room, bathroom and staff quarters which could be left in a siding for outpatient clinics to be run. I still remember watching huge blocks of ice sitting on Atbara station platform waiting to be loaded into the carriage's lead-lined cooler where the huge 'Ali-Baba' semi-porous water containers sat. Sliding shutters, smoked and plain glass operated with leather strops together with electric ceiling fans kept the inside tolerably cool. The Edwardians were no fools when it came to solving the problems of travelling comfortably around thousands of miles of desert railway tracks!


Sometimes simple solutions that have stood the test of time prove to be a more satisfactory solution than the latest complex electronic gizmo. Furthermore I have found that the more gear and weight you carry to cover all eventualities - the more likely you are to breakdown and need to use the equipment you've brought. Travel light and carry Plastic seems a reasonable motto for today's connected world where UPS or FedEx can get virtually anything to you in 48hrs.


My thoughts are divided up under 5 separate page headings:


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  • Vehicle Equipment
  • Camping Gear
  • Communication
  • Navigation & Mapping