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Off-Road Adventure Trailer - Chaser

If you seek no nonsense durable expedition equipment there are 3 countries where long haul off-road trips are common place: Australia, USA and South Africa. It is therefore not surprising that a lot of the best equipment comes from these countries.

When I decided to purchase an off-road trailer I started by looking at Australian outback camping trailers. I was particularly impressed with the concept and build of Track Trailer's T-Van. This offers rapid deployment, storm resistant sleeping along with a patented chassis and suspension used by the Australian military to carry sensitive electronic equipment such as radar off road through the outback. Even more luxurious is the Kimberley Karavan offering home from home yet capable of thousands of miles on off road tracks that would destroy the average UK caravan! The problem with both was price coupled with shipping costs, import duty and VAT.

Then I discovered "Adventure Trailers" in Prescott, Arizona, USA. When I contacted them in 2010, I spoke to ex-pat Brit Martin Davies one of the company's founders who informed me he had just signed a licensing agreement with Kevin Baldwin at Mud UK in Yorkshire to supply the trailers. Kevin has had the design modified to be fully compliant with the new trailer Type Approval regulations for Europe and the chassis is manufactured in the UK by Bradleys. The trailer I purchased was the last one built and imported from Arizona - all new ones are UK built. The trailer has an Eezi-Awn roof tent on the top which opens to give a stand up dressing room nextdoor to the trailer and a queen size double bed on the top of the trailer. It has its own battery supplying LED lighting and undermattress heating for chilly nights! It has a refillable LPG cylinder inside with fuel station nozzle externally. 17 gallon freshwater tank plus 2 Jerry can holders. Sand ladders are secured under the tent.

The wheel hubs are large and supplied to match the towing vehicle. I run Nissan steel wheels with BFG MT tyres identical to my Patrol. I had a custom fabricated swing away spare wheel carrier fitted on the back of the trailer so when on expeditions I have a total of 8 wheels and tyres. If the worst happens I can ditch the trailer and have more tyres for the Patrol. The carrier was fabricated by Protection & Performance and locks open with a fold down shelf for my Partner Steel twin burner gas stove. A folding heavy duty aluminium table fits inside the trailer lid which can still be opened even when the tent is deployed. Suspension is independent with load/height adjustable Firestone airbags. These allow side to side levelling on a campsite so you don't roll off the bed!